Die Olyf Plaas – Olive Oil (500ml)


Pure, Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a herbaceous aroma and flavourful pepper taste.

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Die Olyf Plaas

Die Olyf Plaas is passionate about producing an olive oil of exceptional quality that follows the idea of “quality over quantity”. The passion lies in the production which is an art form as we see it; a symphony of farming, picking, pressing, blending and ultimately sitting back and being proud of what South African soil and hands can produce. Read more about Die Olyf Plaas here.

General Overview:

Die Olyf Plaas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pure olive oil, cold pressed and made from hand picked olives. The olive oil is made from a blend of Italy’s finest cultivars grown in South African soil.

Product Benefits:

Olive oil naturally contains strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help to reduce the risk of a number of diseases and help to maintain a healthy heart. The oil has a fat-free acid level of less than 0.8% and contains no cholesterol, sodium or preservatives.

Product Specifications:

The olive oil packs a unique, herbaceous fruit aroma and a striking pepper flavor, thus making it the ideal companion for meat, fish, pasta and salad dishes.

Ingredients: Pure olive oil

Serving Suggestion:

1 Tablespoon (+- 15ml). The oil can be used for just about any application including cooking, marinades or dressings.


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