Dark Choc Muesli Bar (Single)


The Double Choc Crunchy bar made with rolled oats, butter and brown sugar and coated with a decadent layer of dark chocolate.

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Homemade Treats & Snacks

The Double Choc Crunchy bar is one of Homemade’s signature biscuits made into this perfect bar coated with a delicious layer of dark chocolate. Homemade has a pantry of home baked delights that truly satisfy your taste buds and dietary requirements with a range of wheat free, gluten free, low sugar and/or banting friendly treats. Homemade is passionate about providing a treat that is made for you by hand, using a wholesome, natural ingredients. Read more about Homemade Treats & Snacks.

General Overview:

All products are wheat free. Some are gluten free and some have no added sugar.

We use natural, nutritious ingredients with no additives, colorants or artificial sweeteners, to create a delicious and satisfying product.

Product Specifications:

Double Choc Crunchy Bar. One 12cm Bar

Ingredients: Rolled oats, rye flour, cocoa, brown sugar, butter, dark chocolate, raw honey, bicarbonate of soda.

Made in a factory where nuts & gluten are used.

Directions for Use:

For ultimate freshness, store product in an airtight container in a cool place.

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