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Kombucha – Green Rooibos Buchu


Culture Lab Kombucha is a premium slow brewed raw kombucha. It is packed with bio active probiotics, vitamins and beneficial acids and enzymes. It can be enjoyed as a healthy alternative to sugar laden soft drinks or alcoholic beverages (or as a healthy mix there in) or purely for its refreshing and delicious taste and gut healing properties.

Culture Lab Buchu & Green Rooibos  kombucha is an easy drinking refreshing choice.

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==Culture Lab:

We are passionate about kombucha and living an aware lifestyle. Our dream is to make kombucha accessible to all South Africans, especially in light of the many lifestyle related diseases that so many South Africans face and the lack accessible healthy choices. We also put the taste of our brews at the forefront of our production, we believe that kombucha should be delicious. Read more about Culture Lab’s story.

Product Benefits:

Culture Lab kombucha is rich in probiotics which aid gut health and digestion, and in turn improve immune system functioning. It also has over 60% of ones daily vitamin C requirements in each 330ml can. In addition to this kombucha is rich in beneficial acids (mainly gluconic and acetic acids) and enzymes.

Kombucha is also:

  • Low Sugar (less than 5g per 100ml)
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Product Specifications:

Culture Lab kombucha is available in 330ml cans.

Ingredients: Spring water, kombucha culture, unbleached sugar, green tea and organic flavourants.

Free From

Gluten Free, Wheat Free


Vegan, Vegetarian

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