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Our mission is to bring Joy to those who drink our coffee. When we reach that goal we did justice to all the hands that helped process the coffee. The more Joy we bring the bigger the impact we can make in our community but also at origin.

The Camissa Story

Camissa Coffee Co. was that second chance at doing something over. Having had some years of roasting coffee under our belt we were clear about the principals we wanted our new company to be guided by. We base our company on Quality, Service and Price. As long as we deliver on these three principals we know our customers will keep supporting us.

Coffee is about connection, about community and about rituals. When you purchase coffee from Camissa Coffee Company you are not just supporting your local roaster but you are also supporting all the people who where involved, from the farmer picking the coffee cherries to the hands who meticulously processed the coffee to ensure the highest possible quality. 

"So, whether you enjoy your coffee solo or with your loved ones, know that you are sharing that moment with an entire community of coffee lovers from all around the world." - Theo Snyckers

The Coffee's Story

At Camissa Coffee Company it’s all about the coffee. Where it came from, who farmed it, how it was roasted, best brewing methods but also about the person ultimately drinking the coffee.

This video was taken on a recent trip Theo took to Rwanda. Theo went to go a meet the farmers and dryers of coffee and get to know the people he was buying his beans from.

The vibrance of Africa moves through the hearts of passionate farmers and it to delicately crafted beans. These beans are delicately dried and then sent off to the roaster to be turned into that delicous brew.

It's all about Athentic, Ethical Joy.

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