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We believe the future of retail will be multifaceted; a blended model between physical and digital retail. We believe in creating spaces that give you the full experience of buying a product in person but also give you the ease of online, allowing you to buy that product again and again, from wherever you are.
This is how we’re going to unite passionate entrepreneurs, by helping you understand why South African products are badass and creating the platforms that will allow you to support these entrepreneurs over and over again.

Pricing at our retail store

1. Lucky Dice Coffee Blend – R26 per 100g
2. Raw Fynbos Honey – R15 per 100g
3. Rolled Oats – R2.70 per 100g
4. Gluten Free Rolled Oats – R2.70 per 100g
5. Breakfast Seed Mix – R7.90 per 100g
6. Homemade Healthy’s Granola – R15 per 100g
7. Yogurt Peanuts – R16 per 100g
8. Almonds – Roasted & Salted – R26 per 100g
9. Mixed Nuts – Roasted & Salted – R27 per 100g
10. Jelly Beans – R13.50 per 100g
11. Speckled Eggs – R16.50 per 100g
12. Cous Cous – R4.50 per 100g
13. Jasmine Rice – R4.20 per 100g
14. White Quinoa – R10.50 per 100g
15. Popcorn – R2.50 per 100g
16. Chia Seeds – R9.90 per 100g
17. Extra Virgin Olive Oil – R15 per 100ml

Make sure your bring your own jar, otherwise you can buy one of ours at cost price. We can’t wait to show you the space!
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