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We are passionate about kombucha and living an aware lifestyle. Our dream is to make kombucha assessable to all South Africans, especially in light of the many lifestyle related diseases that so many South Africans face and the lack accessible healthy choices. We also put the taste of our brews at the forefront of our production, we believe that kombucha should be delicious.

The Kombucha Story


We started brewing kombucha for our personal consumption, but pretty much from the get go we struggled to keep up with our own thirst. This, along with the growing realizations of the health benefits of regular kombucha drinking and the increasing interest of friends and family, motivated us to start Culture Lab Kombucha.


From the beginning we wanted to make the best product we could, we therefore carefully choose where our ingredients are coming from and try to establish strong relationships with our suppliers and farmers that produce our ingredients. We love supporting small businesses and small scale farmers and try to incorporate this into our business in each step of our production.


Our business journey has had many highs and lows as most small, self funded start-ups do. We have had to learn our own methods of perfecting the brewing art, as there is very little knowledge around larger scale kombucha brewing. This has been both challenging, at times heart breaking, but all the more rewarding.


Although we have very far to go in reaching our dream of nation wide access to our brews, we are stoked with our journey and where we are today.

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