Pukka Hot Choc – 500g



Experience the delicious intensity of flavour of this classic homemade-style beverage. Made with only the purest and best-quality ingredients, with the unique earthiness of a high cocoa content.

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Product Overview:

Bliss is the immediate feeling when experiencing Delish. It’s in the rich depth of flavour, creamy smoothness of texture and ultra chocolatey taste appeal. It’s something of a pick-me-up that supports the mind, fuels the body, counters stress and low spirits – quickly and easily.

Product Benefits:

  • Anti-oxidant rich superfood
  • Better cognitive function
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar aid
  • Improves heart health

Directions for Use:

COLD: Dissolve two heaped scoopfuls with a little hot water. Top up with iced water or milk. Think milkshakes and smoothies.

HOT: Add two heaped scoopful of Hot Choc powder in a mug, add boiling water or hot milk. Stir well, top with cream, sprinkle with cocoa powder or cinnamon.



Free From

Gluten Free, Wheat Free



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